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Klipsch Ceiling Speakers Hitting The High Notes With Awards Win.

Klipsch Ceiling Speakers Hitting The High Notes With Awards Win.

There's a wide array of ceiling speaker manufacturers out there and by far the most common question we're asked by clients is "who make the best?". There are several names that come to mind, such as KEF, Bowers & Wilkins, Sonance, Triad and Monitor Audio and they all make great products - but recently, a group of custom installers (check out the Smart Homee group on Facebook) got together to test several pairs in a blind test of ceiling speakers that cost under £400 a pair. The results of the test were pretty clear - the Klipsch DS160 ceiling speakers stood out with the highest scores across the board. Every one of the test panel, made up from industry professionals, chose the Klipsch as the clear winner.

Klipsch ceiling speakers come in a variety of designs, some with pivoting tweeters, some fixed and variants with different cone and tweeter materials. When we heard the DS160 speakers on our first use of them at a clients home, we were blown away by their ability to reproduce powerful, clean bass from a 6" cone, along with sparkling upper-end treble detail from the high quality tweeter units. The ability to steer the tweeter and point it to the "sweet spot" listening position can make all the difference in a cinema room or lounge where the client wants the best sound at the listening seat. Driven by some good quality amplification you can expect to achieve sound quality on a par with traditional floor standing speakers. There are also 8" versions as well if you want some extra power handling and a little extra bass extension.

But don't worry if your budget isn't quite at the £400 a pair level, we have some tried and tested solutions from a variety of brands in the budget series (call us for model numbers) and if you want to spend £400 or more we can recommend some products that will really impress you with their audiophile credentials.

If you'd like a demonstration of the Klipsch DS160 speakers, give us a call or drop us an email and we'll contact you to arrange a personal demonstration.