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Lutron Mood Lighting & Blinds.

Bring Light & Shade To Your New Home With Lutron. We Discuss How Intelligent Lighting & Blinds Can Add Style & Efficiency At The Touch Of A Finger.

Bring Light & Shade To Your New Home With Lutron. We Discuss How Intelligent Lighting & Blinds Can Add Style & Efficiency At The Touch Of A Finger.

Elegant homes should be inviting, safe places where you and your family can relax and enjoy just being together. When designing and specifying your home an area that's often overlooked is the importance of mood lighting and blinds that can add to that enjoyment by making your home feel welcoming and warm. Lutrons' range of lighting and blind systems are designed for just such homes, to allow families the luxury of enhanced living, with the added benefits of security, heating control and comfort.

Imagine arriving home after a day at work, as the gates to your property open, the driveway lights illuminate to welcome you home and a pathway of light gently illuminates to your front door. The ground floor lights have come on automatically to the correct levels and your favourite music is already playing in the kitchen as you relax and get ready for your evening meal.

Later on, the lights to the bedroom have come on and as you go upstairs, a simple press on the light switch and all of the ground floor lights slowly turn off and the front door automatically locks. The ground floor alarm is automatically activated and the blinds are all slowly lowered to ensure your privacy.

This is just a brief example of how a Lutron lighting and blinds system can seamlessly integrate with your home to make smart and intelligent decisions based around the simplest of button presses. While you're away on vacation, the Lutron system will turn your lights on and off to give the illusion that you're still at home. From the comfort of your holiday home you have full control of your main residence from your smart phone app should an unexpected guest arrive.

By integrating your lighting system with your blinds, Lutron can also automate the efficiency of your home by controlling the amount of heat that comes in and out of the building. As the sun arcs across the sky during hot days, your blinds can automatically lower to provide shade to those rooms that may get hot under the glare of the sun. On darker days, Lutron lights can provide low level illumination to brighten up those darker corners of the home to give a more inviting feel.

Working with our own creative lighting designers and electricians also allows us to offer homeowners, renovators and self builders access to a full turn-key solution, from initial creative design concepts through to final design, installation and commissioning of your Lutron system. Lutron just doesn't stop in the home either, it offers the ability to impress with architectural lighting and bespoke garden lighting integration. And on top of all this it can save energy with its' smart integration capabilities.

If you want to find out more about Lutron solutions for your new home, we can answer any questions you may have - why not use our CONTACT page below to upload your home plans to us and we can arrange a personal site meeting to discuss your exciting project.