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RTI Control System upgrade at Meadow View, Manchester

We had fitted an OPUS system into this home several years earlier and the new owners wished to upgrade to a more modern system encompassing HD video as well as tying in the gates, lighting and heating. We specified an advanced RTI Control solution which uses a central processor to manage all of the above tasks. In each room the client has a simple dedicated remote control as well as advanced control from a large iPad.  

The system seamlessly turns lights on and off in the mornings and evenings. Motion sensors in the hallways track family movement so lights switch on automatically, even in the en-suite bathrooms. House or Room temperatures can be set from the remote controls and all of the televisions have access to the High Definition CCTV system for added peace of mind.

All of this was achieved using the original wiring from 7 years earlier, testament to the benefits of a professional wiring design that plans for the future.