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THX Home Cinema installation in Cheltenham

This bespoke Home Cinema installation for our client included 2 rooms, all working from a dedicated iPad with remote control of BluRay, SKY HD, Apple TV and games console. Gigabit ethernet and telephone distribution has been designed into this attic conversion too. Lighting moods are pre-set with dimmers via an on-wall keypad or full control from the iPad.

With twin THX rated subwoofers and very high quality LINN front speakers, these are paired with ceiling mounted rears for exceptional surround sound performance. This system excels particularly well with music playback too as requested by the client.

The room has been treated with acoustic underlay and a specially sealed acoustic door to ensure we could reach THX rated volume levels with minimal distortion. Once the system had been running for 100 hours we brought in our specialist THX calibrator who spent the whole day tweaking the projector service menus to ensure correct tracking of Gamma, Colour Temperature and Grey Scale levels. After the calibration the picture looks incredible... much better than the “out of the box” settings.