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Staffordshire Luxury House

The owner of this architect designed home is very technology orientated, however he wanted something the rest of the family could use so we installed each room with a matching remote control from RTI (designed to replace all the other remotes in the house).

In the kitchen, a special twin tv feature was designed with the interior designer and carpenter to showcase the new Samsung 4K televisions and is a striking feature in the room.

Indeed, full 4K High Definition video is available in any of the rooms using a specialist HDBaseT HDMI matrix capable of running up to 70 metres on a single Cat6 cable.

A dedicated cinema room was designed from scratch featuring a superb Anthem surround sound system, projector and screen. A dedicated iPad controls the cinema from the touch of a button with integration for Rako mood lighting. We even installed a fridge for the beers!

Phone and data solutions were run to every room along with a robust set of wireless access points allowing the clients to roam around the house with their laptops and also offering the option to plug into a hard wired socket for faster internet.