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Home Cinema Installation

Design & Bespoke Build Services

We thought the picture of our new cinema room was stunning until we had the THX video calibration done and now it’s even better. The AVEX team worked really well with our builders to ensure our attic conversion was setup and wired correctly and their installation was extremely tidy. Backup has been excellent too. Our kids and grandchildren use the cinema room all the time and it doesn’t fail to impress visitors. We would recommend AVEX to everyone!
Andy DeanHome Cinema installation in Solihull

Bespoke Home Cinemas have been our passion for many years and advances in home cinema technology have bought the experience of the big screen to the home more than ever before. And with those technological advances, its never been more important to have a specialist cinema professional design and install your system to ensure you get the maximum performance from your investment!

Our staff at AVEX Technology have over 25 years’ experience in designing and installing luxury cinema rooms for a wide variety of clients and across a wide range of budgets, from £5000 to £50,000 upwards. We are proud to have a fully THX certified staff member designing and specifying your cinema room based on your budget and requirements.

So sit back and relax with your favourite movies, games and TV shows while AVEX Technology get on with the hard work — we will ensure the best possible picture and sound is achieved, and your cinema experience tingles the senses just like it should!

AVEX Technology Design & Installation

Home Cinema Installation

What better way to entertain the whole family than with your very own bespoke home cinema room? We can design your dream room from start to finish and to any budget, so all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the most amazing blockbuster surround-sound experience this side of your local Odeon. You can call us any time to discuss your project.

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    4K & 8K UHD Projectors and Screens

    Experience your own blockbuster movie night with the latest 4K/8K Home Cinema systems, expertly installed and professionally calibrated. Ultra High Definition.

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    Luxury Cinema Seating & Recliners

    Relax in style and comfort with a wide range of luxury cinema seats. With motorised seat recline, integrated cup holders and available in a wide range of colours and fabrics, cinema seats will add that final touch of authenticity to your cinema room project.

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    Popcorn Machines & Final Touches

    Authentic to the final details, we can supply a range of options to give you that final look. From popcorn machines to framed movie artwork, THX plaques, motorised curtains – these final touches will give your cinema room the 'wow' factor!

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    Dolby Atmos & DTS Sound Systems

    Our award winning AV receivers let you Immerse yourself in the soundtrack, just as the director intended, with the latest surround sound modes from Dolby Labs, THX and DTS.

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    Acoustic Room Treatment

    We supply a range of discrete or decorative acoustic panels, designed to tune and tailor the sound in the room to cut down on annoying reflections and reverberations.

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    THX certified Audio Solutions

    With THX Certified professionally trained staff, we can ensure your new home cinema meets the minimum THX standards for sound and picture quality — expect nothing less!

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    Soundproofing and Isolation

    Soundproofing can be important where you need to minimise the amount of sound energy getting out to other rooms and spaces. Our engineers can design in at the build stage appropriate isolation techniques to solve these problems.

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    Movie Servers & Video Streaming

    For the ultimate picture quality your very own dedicated movie server is the way to go. With storage servers that record pixel for pixel copies of your favourite discs you'll be seeing everything as the director intended.

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    Smart Home Control Systems

    Smarten up your home with some clever thinking from a Smart Home Control System. Lets you monitor, control and secure, while also saving money. Find out more here.

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    Home Cinema Design & Install

    Our professional design service will take your cinema experience to the next level with award winning home cinema solutions from AVEX Technology.

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    Mood Lighting Environments

    Save energy and create the ambience your home deserves with elegant and striking lighting solutions, all controlled from your fingertips. Find out more here

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    Commercial Installations

    We specialise in commercial audio/video/automation installations for businesses, restaurants, hotels, and much more. From boardroom installations to Videowalls and Media Rooms.

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    Complete Project Management

    We work closely with your builders, designers and architects to fully project manage your installation from 1st fix wiring and design, to project completion and handover.

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    Aftercare & Support

    Technology changes — so we’re always there to help with future upgrades, system changes, or just helpful advice. You can call us anytime for the very latest advice.

Home Cinema Installation Projects

Looking for some inspiration? Why not click on the pictures below to see some of our most recent cinema installations. To discuss your own project, call us today.